Company online service specialize in affordable small business websites.We help manage & grow your business’s online presence at a price that’s right for u

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Company online service management, the most comprehensive solution available.

We specialize in affordable small business websites.

We help manage and grow your business's online presence at a price that's right for you.

Johor Business Listing Upgrade

Stand out from the crowd  ?

Add  your ePoster to our Johor Business Driectory

RM30 - 180 days

Sample :

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Your business is unique. Tell potential customers what you do differently.

Local Shop Business & Review Page

Use Local Shop Business & Review Page to tell the public what you do differently.

website link : company name

Service charge : RM 160 : 365 days.
One language select English with SEO
1. Company introduction. company's uniqueness.
2. Product / service Description of product with Photos.
3. Payment Methods.
4. Your shop address and contacts.
5. Business Hours.
6. Language Select ( note : From English Translate to Chinese is only 60% accurate )

 Local Company Online Service

Claim Your Own Page~ Get Found On Google ~ Get better conversion rates~

Features :

1. Website speed – state-of-the-art technologies greatly improve user browse speed. Users won’t get impatient and leave before you have the chance to showcase your products.  Click Here For Speed Test

( our website url : )

2. Mobile optimized and responsive – It automatically optimized from any type of device they’re using. to ensures users have a good viewing experience.

Company Online Service - responsive website

3. Keep our web app in their mobile phone – Just one click to access to Johor Directory most information. They don’t have to remember the dozens of website addresses. ( keep & increase long term user )

4. Get more exposure – Your web page link to ; Johor Local Shop Directory , Johor Town Explore – one of the 5 districts. ; South , North , Center , East & West. Help your web page get more exposure.

5. Search Engines Optimization – Allow all major search engine detect your web page easily.

6. link to 3rd party organization , increase potential customers.

7. Comment System - Creating awareness, giving a good customer experience, and responding to customer can help drive more revenue for your business and create customer loyalty in the long-term.

Less than RM 0.50 a day.. call us now.  Local Company Online Service   : +601122177689

Additional Features :

1. Additional Page for different language : RM 160 : 365 days.

2. Add your company startup story : RM 30 ( Provide your own articles to us ) RM 100 ( We interview you ) you can establish your brand by telling your company story.

3. Add testimonials with photos : RM 30

4. Add your website link or facebook fanpage link : RM 10 ( Allow your customers receive your update announcement.)

5. Add Social Media Share Buttons. : RM 30 ; These links buttons allow users easily share your web page to their favorite social networks. ( This will generate new visitors back to your web page ) Sample : Scroll down to this page , share this page ,try it yourself.

7.Map direction indicator with zoom-able : RM 20

8.Stars rating for product - Increase your company image ( Can boost search engine optimization ) RM 30

Sample display on google search :

Company Online Service - for star rating

Sample on our page  : Scroll down to this page , Rate our page.

9.Web page information modify : RM 30

10. Adding your company award photo : RM 30 ( Increase your company image )

Sample refer :
Browse our customer review page

Read : Positive vs Negative Reviews :

7 out of 10 consumers will leave a review for a business if they’re asked to.

When a company provide a service, the customer is either satisfied or dissatisfied. In the digital world today, customers often take their experience straight to the web. If the customer expresses a positive experience, the review can be amplified on the web and social media to encourage others. But when the experience is negative, companies need to respond quickly. This needs to be done for the customer who left the review, but perhaps more importantly, for everyone else reading the reviews after. It is always a great feeling to read and hear positive reviews of your business, but negative reviews should be considered an opportunity for the business to do better.

Already have a website?

About Mobile Responsive : Google

These days, nearly 60% of local searches are performed on a mobile device.1 This means your website better pass the mobile test with users and with Google if you want ready buyers to find it and use it.


If your website isn’t SEO and mobile-friendly, let's raise your game.

Johor company online service specialize in affordable small business websites.

Company Website Creation Services :


Create With Blogspot :

4-page mobile phone responsive website ( complete  within 1 week )

Service charge : RM 250 ( one time )

Basic Design with mobile phone responsive

4 pages ; Main page , products , About , Contact or your choice.

RM 60 for Additional page.

Features : comment system. Google+ share button.

Create with Johor.Company

With starter website, you’ll get a 4-pages website ( complete within 1 week )

Service charge : RM 600 , annually maintenance : RM300

Standard Design with mobile phone responsive :

4 pages ; Main page , products , About , contact or your choice.

Features : Faster Speed , comment system , Address Map , Social share buttons.

Additional Features :

RM 60 for Additional page : Example : Your company startup story.

RM 60 Photos Slider. ( Auto Slide-Show )

RM 30 for Stars rating for product ( Can boost search engine optimization )

RM 60 for social share unlock content ( make reader share your page )

RM 120 for Adding Articles relate to your product / service. ( example : how to ... )

RM 200 for create a sales page for your product / service.

Other Services :

FaceBook Fanpage :

Building relationships with your customers with Facebook Fanpage
We help your to create your business facebook fanpage
Service charge : RM 100
Complete within 3 days

Foursquare page

We help your to create another online presence make sure your business found everywhere online.

Your business Foursquare page :
Service charge : RM 100
Complete within 3 days.

Benefits :
Gain foursquare audience.

ePoster Design

We help you to create a digital poster to ease your online marketing.

RM 60 ( complete within 2 days )
ePoster sample :

Local Company Online Service - ePoster design

Others :

Social media group merchant advertisement.

Sales carnival events ( online / offline )

Top brand recognition application.

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Learn which consumer trends will rule around the world in 2017 :

Consumers are now more demanding of products, services and brands then every before and are using digital tools to research , to articulate and fulfill their needs.

According to Global Consumer Trend ,. Did you know that ?

Nearly 9 in 10 consumers gathering information before making a major purchase ( quality products )

Johor local business listing - arrow pointing image

Three out of five people use internet to aid research.

Johor local business listing - arrow pointing image

More than 60% of consumers start their research online with a search engine before heading to a specific website.

Johor local business listing - arrow pointing image

More than 50% of consumers now read online reviews.

Johor local business listing - arrow pointing image

More than 80% have read reviews to determine the quality of a local business.

Johor local business listing - arrow pointing image

90% of consumers made their final purchase in store.


Johor local business listing - search engine traffic chart

Google is the king of web traffic , Google’s search engine performs over 3.5 billion searches per day.




50 Is The New 20 :

As is true of the population as a whole, internet adoption among seniors has risen steadily over the last decade and a half. In early 2000, just 14% of seniors were internet users. But today, more than 60% of adults ages 60 and older say they go online. ( Research from global smartphone ownership among older adults )

Once online, most seniors make the internet a standard part of their daily routine. Roughly three-quarters of older internet users go online at least daily, including 17% who say they go online about once a day, 51% who indicate they do so several times a day and 8% who say they use the internet almost constantly.

The focus, it seems, will shift from millennial to the ageing population of 50 years and above. This growing population of ageing yet active and productive people will significantly influence the economy by leaps and bounds.

More people are working long after their retirement age for reasons that include easing the financial burden on the family or to remain productive instead of vegetating at home. Middle-aged interns are a rising trend to equip the older generation with new skills.

Their continued spending power will be a springboard to consumer goods and services specially tailored to the elderly. From better hair dye to elderly friendly yet classy mobile phones, and diets to fitness equipment, the possibilities are endless.


There are regulations that restrict what advertisers can and can’t do on Johor local business listing.

⇒ Your business has a physical location that customers can visit. (ex. phone shop, salons, spas, etc.)

⇒ Johor local business listing description must be clearly distinguishable as possible

⇒ Legal ,Truthful & Honest
socially responsible (not encouraging illegal, unsafe or anti-social behavior)

⇒ Advertisements should be prepared with a sense of responsibility to consumers and to society.

⇒ All forms of tobacco sponsorship are prohibited.

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